Saturday, July 8, 2017

Escape Party

Sydney had the best birthday celebration with her friends this year!
For several months, she had wanted to plan something new and exciting. 
After thinking about different options, she decided
she would like to do an escape room game with her friends.
The girls all came over here to play and have a water balloon fight.
They enjoyed pizza and ice cream cake..
...and then we piled in the van and headed to the Conundrum Workshop!
This place offers several different versions of escape games, and her game of choice was
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party. 
The room was set up so cute and they got the scoop on all the rules and how
to go about solving the clues to open the door and "escape." 

They got one hour and although I was waiting outside in the lobby, I heard all the screams, giggles and celebrations from 8 sweet girls. 
And near the very end of the hour...they succeed!  They solved every last clue, and opened the door!
She had an absolute blast with such a sweet group of friends.
She thanked me over and over for her night with her girls....and
I believe an escape game will be in her future again.
I am so glad I could be a part of her special day,
-Love you Sydney Grace!-

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

JJ's Pool Party

JJ wanted to have a swim party at our pool for his 8th birthday. 
It didn't matter to him that we needed to put the celebration off until summer.

We gathered with a group of his friends on an unseasonably cool June day.
And they all had a ball!

It did not matter one bit to them that it was barely 70 degrees outside.

They dove, and swim, played and ate and just enjoyed being together.

I'm so glad that my sweet boy has a group of friends to be silly and have fun with.  

And I'm glad he had a great birthday party!
Love you JJ!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sydney's 4th Grade Year

Sydney-you told me that your 4th grade year seemed like it flew by.  You excelled and we are so proud of all you've achieved.  This year brought some extra learning opportunities for you which you have enjoyed very much.
Your teacher was Mrs. Tinsley and she was a fantastic teacher
and even better role model as a Christian and former volleyball player. 
She supported you with your other teachers at some of your games,
and even helped you work on some of your skills. 

Learning has been more challenging and you've been pushed in certain subjects more than in the past... but it's also been fun.

You've been so sweet and excited to have Luke at school with you and JJ.  At the beginning of the year, you were determined you could walk him to his classroom every day.  I think he may have let you do that twice -ha!
Love my three Panthers-xoxo

It's been a great year for growing friendships too...

I was so proud of you early in the year for reaching out to the new girl.  And what do you know...that "new girl" Gracelyn is a direct answer to prayer and now one of your very best friends.

You are not much on musicals but this year was your favorite one.  It was the recorder concert and you liked it more since you didn't have to "sing and do hand motions" hehe.

You did a great job!

It was a blessing to be a part of your classroom awards on the last day---
to see you get recognized and some of what you've been working on.  You won three different awards- in model behavior, and for your writing and reading! made me so happy to see what you chose for your quote/words of wisdom on your silhouette on the wall.

4th grade is history!

Now, onto summer and we are already seeing some pretty great things on the horizon for fifth grade!

Monday, June 12, 2017

JJ's Year in 2nd Grade

JJ, you've had a fabulous 2nd grade year.  It's hard to believe you've been in school at Plano for three years now!  Your teacher was Mrs. Henderson and she was amazing!  I am so thankful that you got to be in her classroom.  She was a teacher that really really got you, and your confidence has grown so much this past year!  You thought a whole lot of her too...finally admitting that she was your favorite.
A very cool part of this year was that you got to be in class with all of your friends.
Back in August, you were hoping to be with about 6 different boys and you got ALL OF THEM!  Out of three 2nd grade classes, that was just so cool.

You've worked on some neat school projects,

had lots of fun in class activities and experiments ,
 and been on fall and spring field trips.

(one was along with Daddy to Jackson's and one with me to Lost River Cave)

You guys were the class of the week on the local radio station and had a special in class interview

 and lots of fun parties!

You enjoyed bringing home Morris the Moose one weekend so that you could journal about his adventures and taking Flat Stanley on our Christmas break adventures too.

You participated in two school programs, one at Christmas and one in the spring. 

Your reading achievements were awesome this year.  Your personal goal was to reach 100 AR points and you ended over 150.  Your favorite books to read were Magic Treehouse, A to Z Mystery and Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series.  We are so proud of your reading achievements.  You are rocking it in math too!

On the last day of school, you received a "candy bar" award from Mrs. Henderson-you got Almond Joy because you bring joy to those around you.  You also were awarded for your strong work ethic!

You had such a great year and we are thrilled------ 

here we come 3rd grade!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Brewers Baseball

Luke, you've  just finished up your spring season with the Brewers! 
This was your fourth season playing baseball.

You really enjoy learning this game, and getting the chance to be on a team.
You came home from school with a fever on the day of your first game. back in April  After begging me to let you play anyway, you rebounded and ended up winning the game ball.

You've gone from being the youngest on the team a couple of years ago to the 
oldest and biggest this season.  I think you liked that!
You hit so well and actually got a hit at every single at bat this season!

Your defense is improving too and
you love it when you have extra fans to watch you play!

One of my very favorite things is watching you smile through the fence
while you are playing something you enjoy.

I love you!

We're thankful you have coaches who teach well and make learning fun.
Tonight for the last game... before giving the trophies, they gave out 3 special last game balls.  
You received one of them for being so coachable and trying so hard to obey and do what they asked.
That, my sweet boy, is being a shining light!

Here is what your coach had to say about you:

I'm so glad you had a great season #11-
Division 2 here we come.