Thursday, March 16, 2017

Goodbye Braces

Sydney-February 1st of 2016 you got your braces (and a lovely expander-ha).

You have rocked them!
You have been the best patient ever. 

TODAY was a big day-----off they came! 

And your smile, as always, is absolutely beautiful......

Bring on the gum!!!!!!

PS.  This is the note ("invitation") your brother JJ gave me for tonight. 
Those two boys celebrated right along with you today.
Love you.


Nana said...

Beautiful girl! Beautiful smile! So proud of you Sydney.
Gum Party? That's a new one. I know all of you had fun.

janet said...

Sydney looks great with braces off but then she looked great with braces. Glad she was such a good patient. Those boys were ready for party!!!