Friday, May 26, 2017

Happy 10th Birthday Sydney!

Happy Birthday Sydney-you are 10 years old!!!!

You've now brought us a decade worth of smiles, laughter and adventure.
In your 10 years, you have taught us so many lessons about life, love and what really matters.

We are so blessed to be your parents and watch you grow and thrive.

Your 10th year brought many new adventures, opportunities and challenges.  We've watched you grow in your faith and in friendships at church and school.  It was your first year in school to earn grades and participate in enriched academic programs.  You've enjoyed playing on a volleyball team, learning more about golf and playing with Legos.  You make sweet videos and can build some pretty cool lands in Minecraft.  You've spent the year reading lots of Nancy Drew, and Dolphin Diaries.  Your favorite foods are Papa John's pizza, grilled chicken at home, donuts and just about anything chocolate.  Your favorite place to be is right at home.  

You love your dog so much, and she thinks you are awesome too. 
You actually do a whole lot to help take care of her. 

It's always a great time of year to celebrate you and your big day right as we are heading into summer-our favorite time of year.  Happy, happy birthday sweet Sydney Grace.

You are our sunshine.  We are so proud of you and
immeasurably blessed to be a part of your world.

Matthew 5:16

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dolphin Day

The day we spent at Discovery Cove over spring break was just amazing!  Sydney says it was her best day ever.  She has loved dolphins for years and has always wanted to swim with the dolphins.  It's hard to explain how excited we were to take her and the boys to do just that.

Jeff and I had studied quite a bit and knew we wanted to take them to Discovery Cove for their first experience swimming with the dolphins.  However, you have to be 6... 

Someone turned 6 in January!
This 7 year old was pretty pumped too!
We got about 30-40 minutes with two different dolphins and we got to touch, hold, high five, kiss, and of course go for a ride!  The kids were in heaven:

 Jeff and I had the most fun watching them, but of course, we also enjoyed this a lot!

Discovery Cove is such a great place.  The kids, and boys especially, loved the snorkeling area.  There were thousands and thousands of beautiful fish, and a separate area where you could look into the glass and see lots of sharks too.  With your admission, they also feed you all day which is always a plus.
 They have two different lazy river areas, beaches and so much more. 
We had beautiful weather and truly enjoyed our day.  We arrived thinking that we had so much time to spend there, but in reality , 5:00 came so incredibly fast. 
I am so glad we could all experience this together.  Sydney now loves dolphins more than ever. And I'm so thankful there is a place like this made for families like us to make special memories.  I will never forget this day with them!
The three of them have never asked to return somewhere as much as they ask to visit Discovery Cove again-hopefully we will be able to do just that-cant' wait!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


A spring highlight was our trip to Orlando during the kids spring break.
We visited Discovery Cove, and then had a pass to visit
Busch Gardens Tampa, Sea World and Aquatica.

Busch Gardens had lots of animals and
  roller coasters....
JJ loves roller coasters and went on every single one (7) at least once.
Jeff joined him most of the time, Luke some and
sometimes when they got worn out with them he went alone!

Sydney and I enjoyed the slower paced rides and all the giraffes the most.

Sea World gave us chance to see the whale show one more time before there is no longer a whale show....Sydney and I braved it with the boys and sat in the "soak zone."  Even though they sat on row 1 and we chose row 4, We did get SOAKED!

We enjoyed a few shows and rides and the kids area there too.

We spent two mornings at Aquatica which we really enjoyed.  They had lots of great waterslides and play areas and we lucked out with record high temperatures.

We also spent a lot of time at our hotels.

The Singalong with Chip and Dale at Fort Wilderness was great!
We made smores, participated in the sing along and stayed to watch Pinocchio on their outdoor screen.  This was one of my favorite nights of the trip and I look forward to doing it again sometime. 
We also spent a lot of time at the pools and around the resorts.  There is always something to do and its impossible to fit it all in.  The kids love the pool parties and there is so much to explore, especially at the Beach Club. 

JJ had a goal to go down the waterslide there over 30 times while we stayed.  He exceeded his goal!
We all enjoyed the waterslide with him...and the sand.

I'm so thankful for the great week we had together!!!!

Other highlights the past couple months were an egg hunt,

hiking adventures and an afternoon on the river in a canoe made for two  five.

a big 8th!!! birthday, 
a beautiful Easter Sunday,
fun with friends,
her 2nd time (and his first) at WKU's Take our Sons and Daughters to Work Day, 
fun outside, 

programs at school for JJ and Sydney,

watching my sweet boy play some baseball (when it ever stopped raining!),

and my girl wrap up volleyball season, .
the boys weekly skills training in basketball
and golf lessons for Sydney and JJ.
We caught a beautiful Saturday morning to pick strawberries

and had a gorgeous Mother's Day for

another one of our hiking adventures.

It's time that school is just about wrapped up...and we are so ready for all that summer brings!!!