Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Brewers Baseball

Luke, you've  just finished up your spring season with the Brewers! 
This was your fourth season playing baseball.

You really enjoy learning this game, and getting the chance to be on a team.
You came home from school with a fever on the day of your first game. back in April  After begging me to let you play anyway, you rebounded and ended up winning the game ball.

You've gone from being the youngest on the team a couple of years ago to the 
oldest and biggest this season.  I think you liked that!
You hit so well and actually got a hit at every single at bat this season!

Your defense is improving too and
you love it when you have extra fans to watch you play!

One of my very favorite things is watching you smile through the fence
while you are playing something you enjoy.

I love you!

We're thankful you have coaches who teach well and make learning fun.
Tonight for the last game... before giving the trophies, they gave out 3 special last game balls.  
You received one of them for being so coachable and trying so hard to obey and do what they asked.
That, my sweet boy, is being a shining light!

Here is what your coach had to say about you:

I'm so glad you had a great season #11-
Division 2 here we come.


Nana said...

Luke has found his sport! He really loves baseball and is very good at it. Look how cute he is in his uniform!

janet said...

Think he is going to be a great little baseball player. Way to go Luke!!!!