Wednesday, June 28, 2017

JJ's Pool Party

JJ wanted to have a swim party at our pool for his 8th birthday. 
It didn't matter to him that we needed to put the celebration off until summer.

We gathered with a group of his friends on an unseasonably cool June day.
And they all had a ball!

It did not matter one bit to them that it was barely 70 degrees outside.

They dove, and swim, played and ate and just enjoyed being together.

I'm so glad that my sweet boy has a group of friends to be silly and have fun with.  

And I'm glad he had a great birthday party!
Love you JJ!


Nana said...

Looks like lots of fun and lots of silly! Love the basketball cookie cake and your new pool. Great idea, JJ!

janet said...

Another fun birthday party. !!!!!