Monday, June 12, 2017

JJ's Year in 2nd Grade

JJ, you've had a fabulous 2nd grade year.  It's hard to believe you've been in school at Plano for three years now!  Your teacher was Mrs. Henderson and she was amazing!  I am so thankful that you got to be in her classroom.  She was a teacher that really really got you, and your confidence has grown so much this past year!  You thought a whole lot of her too...finally admitting that she was your favorite.
A very cool part of this year was that you got to be in class with all of your friends.
Back in August, you were hoping to be with about 6 different boys and you got ALL OF THEM!  Out of three 2nd grade classes, that was just so cool.

You've worked on some neat school projects,

had lots of fun in class activities and experiments ,
 and been on fall and spring field trips.

(one was along with Daddy to Jackson's and one with me to Lost River Cave)

You guys were the class of the week on the local radio station and had a special in class interview

 and lots of fun parties!

You enjoyed bringing home Morris the Moose one weekend so that you could journal about his adventures and taking Flat Stanley on our Christmas break adventures too.

You participated in two school programs, one at Christmas and one in the spring. 

Your reading achievements were awesome this year.  Your personal goal was to reach 100 AR points and you ended over 150.  Your favorite books to read were Magic Treehouse, A to Z Mystery and Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series.  We are so proud of your reading achievements.  You are rocking it in math too!

On the last day of school, you received a "candy bar" award from Mrs. Henderson-you got Almond Joy because you bring joy to those around you.  You also were awarded for your strong work ethic!

You had such a great year and we are thrilled------ 

here we come 3rd grade!


Nana and Buddy said...

JJ has super achievements in so many areas: nifty school projects, advanced sports skills especially in basketball and golf, amazing cognitive skills. JJ is a real thinker. Buddy and I were impressed with his manners. His personality is delightful. We love spending time with JJ. It is a pleasure to be his grandparents.

janet said...

JJ did great in second grade. Made some neat projects and was a cool astronaut. Looked like he had a great time and a lot of friends.