Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sydney's 4th Grade Year

Sydney-you told me that your 4th grade year seemed like it flew by.  You excelled and we are so proud of all you've achieved.  This year brought some extra learning opportunities for you which you have enjoyed very much.
Your teacher was Mrs. Tinsley and she was a fantastic teacher
and even better role model as a Christian and former volleyball player. 
She supported you with your other teachers at some of your games,
and even helped you work on some of your skills. 

Learning has been more challenging and you've been pushed in certain subjects more than in the past... but it's also been fun.

You've been so sweet and excited to have Luke at school with you and JJ.  At the beginning of the year, you were determined you could walk him to his classroom every day.  I think he may have let you do that twice -ha!
Love my three Panthers-xoxo

It's been a great year for growing friendships too...

I was so proud of you early in the year for reaching out to the new girl.  And what do you know...that "new girl" Gracelyn is a direct answer to prayer and now one of your very best friends.

You are not much on musicals but this year was your favorite one.  It was the recorder concert and you liked it more since you didn't have to "sing and do hand motions" hehe.

You did a great job!

It was a blessing to be a part of your classroom awards on the last day---
to see you get recognized and some of what you've been working on.  You won three different awards- in model behavior, and for your writing and reading! made me so happy to see what you chose for your quote/words of wisdom on your silhouette on the wall.

4th grade is history!

Now, onto summer and we are already seeing some pretty great things on the horizon for fifth grade!


Nana and Buddy said...

Each year now will speed along faster than the year before. Many impressive academic achievements. Significant improvements in golf and volleyball. Most importantly, we see your "light" shining as your kind, considerate nature is expressed in the way you treat others and your many good deeds.

janet said...

Sydney seems to achieve in some many ways. So proud of her. You have some great things to look forward to next year too.